joi, 23 iunie 2011

Zen.IT Festival Serbia 21-24 iulie 2011

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Mankind is facing the challenge of sustainability of social and ecological systems. By reflecting social and cultural values, sustainable music festivals throughout the world have a recognizable and permanent influence on the society.

If there is a space and time when people breathe a...nd dance like one, let’s make it be from 21-24 of July 2011 on a beautiful location in Serbia, surrounded by waterfalls and endless mountain horizon. Allow us to fill many hearts and to inspire thousands of smiling faces with gentle sounds. Same as children playing, people are closest to their inner self and open to change when dancing.

Year 2011 is the second year in which the seed of Zenit festival continues its journey with vision of necessary inner transformation. Today, more than ever, we need to understand the message nature sends us. The words of one of the greatest philosophers and spokesperson of the 20th century still echo through universe, spreading the noble vision of positive social changes. “It is our earth, not yours or mine or his. We are meant to live on it, helping each other, not destroying each other. ”

Zen.IT Galaxy Stage

Shane Gobi – Alchemy Records, United Kingdom

Laughing Buddha – Nano Records, United Kingdom

Rinkadink - Alchemy Records, United Kingdom

Ridden – Harmonia Records, Greece

Ocelot - Zaikadelic Records, Portugal

Mubali – Trishula, Parvati Records, USA

Megalopsy – Dark Prisma, Argentina

Frantic Noise – Dark Prisma, Argentina

Atriohm – Parvati Records, Macedonia

Encephalopaticys – Parvati Records, Macedonia

Sattwa – Dark Prisma, Serbia

E-Mantra – Altar Records, Romania

Eleusyn – Icarus Creations, Romania

Ectima – TesseracT, Serbia

Man Machine - Ovnimoon Records, Serbia

E-Clip – TesseracT, Serbia

Egorythmia – TesseracT, Macedonia

Flegma & Nerso – TesseracT, Serbia

Sideform – TesseracT, Serbia

Middle Mode – TesseracT, Serbia

Sonic Entity – Ovnimoon Records, Serbia

Imaginary Sight – Glowing Flame, Serbia

Dalton – Trance Teleport, Croatia

DJane Roua – Spacesheep, Romania

Gino – Sonica Dance Festival, Italy

Oleg – Human Touch, Hungary

Koorie – Trance Teleport, Croatia

Latam – Thrancians, Oscilator, Spacesheep, Romania

Merlin – TesseracT, Serbia

Bee & Irritant - Pitch and destroy, Montenegro

Pseehaw - Pitch and destroy, Montenegro

... more to come !

Zen.IT Land Stage
E-Mantra – Altar Records, Romania

Ocelot - Zaikadelic Records, Portugal

Atriohm – Parvati Records, Macedonia

Mali Buddha – Digital Tookie, Serbia

Magnetik - Tactal Hots Music, Serbia

Ivana - Tesseract, Serbia

Spiritual Virtouse - Trance Teleport, Croatia

marți, 14 iunie 2011

Seminar de regasire de sine cu Elena Bilt, 19 iunie, Bucuresti

Te invit duminica 19 iunie incepand cu ora 10,30 pana la 16,30 la un seminar de regasire de sine.
In cadrul acestei dezbateri lucrative, au sa ti se releve esente ale scopului trecerii tale prin aceasta lume.
Te provoc la un seminar interactiv, in care sa gasesti chei si solutii pentru framantarile si transformarile tale.
Locatia este Lic. Ghe. Lazar (langa CISMIGIU)
Pretul este de 100 lei si 50 lei (pensionari, elevi, studenti...)
Te astept cu drag. Cu pretuire Elena Bilt.
Pentru detalii sunati la tel. 0726138217 Cornelia

joi, 9 iunie 2011


Sa ne vedem dansand! 17 iunie 20;00-22:00

17-18-19 IUNIE 2011 LA SIRNEA.